13 Best Repurposing Tools: Revive & Reimagine Your Old Treasures!

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Whether you're a content creator or a marketer, you know that publishing demands and opportunities are increasing quicker than your ability to produce high-quality content.

Quality content requires focus, but when you're too busy producing pieces for 3 to 4 different platforms, your creative energy is scattered. Making content for dozens of platforms, you can get burned out, lose your momentum, or quit before you make an impact.

And if you work on only one platform, you can miss out on everything offered by the others. Many creators are in this catch-22. But this resource will introduce you to 13 tools that can help you focus on quality while producing quantity.

With content repurposing, you can dedicate your creative efforts to one project and let content multiplication tools handle the volume.

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Top Content Repurposing Tools For Creators

Below are the top programs and apps you can use to turn one piece of high-quality content into multiple pieces for different platforms.

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ContentFries is built on the concept of creating snackable fries out of long-form content (potatoes). But with positive reception and time, the platform has branched into all types of content repurposing.

Today, ContentFries is capable of handling 99% of all content multiplication requirements of the average content creator.

Who Is It For?

ContentFries is primarily for content creators who use spoken word. This includes educators, comedians, and podcasters, among others. It is not as useful for singers and dancers.

What Does It Cost?

Before diving into the service price, you might want to use ContentFries' no-credit-card free version.

ContentFries plans start at $9/month for 100 minutes of transcribed content. You can export 300 one-minute videos with this subscription. This is ideal for YouTubers and individual creators who make no more than three to four long-form videos a month.

Regular podcasters and content markers can upgrade to the $29 MasterChef plan. The legend plan costs $99/month and offers 1,500 minutes of AI-transcribed content. It is perfect for agencies and larger podcasts.

You can choose packages in between these extremes as well. There's a $19 plan that's perfect for webinar and standup comedy repurposing. On the platform's pricing page, you can enter your requirements and get the right plan.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Convert Longform video to shorts/reels - You can create multiple TikTok videos, Reels, or Shorts from a single long-form video.

  • Turn Audio to Video - With ContentFries' audio visualizer, you can distribute audio to video platforms like YouTube.

  • Change Tweet or text to a graphic card - Quote cards generator helps you turn text into visual posts.

  • Convert Webinar to Blog Post - With AI transcription, you can convert audio from webinars to drafts for blog posts.

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Tool: Canva

Canva is quickly becoming the default graphic design platform for most content creators. Its strength is in its accessibility. Beginners with no experience in image design can generate image posts, slideshows, and social media banners using Canva's extensive library of templates.

However, Canva is not limited to image posts and original assets. It can be used creatively for repurposing and repackaging content.

Who Is It For?

Canva is, by design, meant for the broadest set of content creators. If you have an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube account, you'll find Canva useful. In terms of repurposing, though, Canva is best for educators, professional speakers, and coaches.

What Does It Cost?

Canva is free to use, but plenty of templates and a handful of features are reserved for paying users. It costs $54.99 per year for one user. Team plans and other cost details are on Canva's pricing page.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Turn blog posts into presentations - Canva has an excellent deck-building template set in which you can plug text from blog posts or audio transcripts l.

  • Remix old images into fresh assets - Canva's magic studio features a background eraser tool that helps you put yourself in front of interesting backdrops.

  • Turn video transcript into carousels - Think of this as quote cards and text-based images on steroids.

  • Convert image posts to gifs - Canva elements include plenty of moving ones that can add motion to your still images. Export these as gifs or videos.

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Tool: Anchor.fm

Anchor.fm is Spotify's very own podcast production suite. You can create and distribute your podcasts on Anchor even if you have no prior podcasting experience. On the surface, it might seem like a platform for recording fresh content, but Anchor has surprising use cases for content repurposing.

Who Is It For?

Anchor.fm is great for educators, comedians, commentators, and thought leaders who create audio or video content. The platform can help you develop a podcast out of your existing content. Dancers and singers might not find it as useful.

What Does It Cost?

Anchor.fm is free to use, and the fact that you’re in Spotify’s ecosystem is worth it for Spotify to keep the service free of charge.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Convert ripped audio to podcasts - Pretty much any audio file featuring dialogue (or a monologue) can be published as a podcast with Anchor.fm.

  • Convert Zoom recordings to podcasts - If you deliver online lectures or broadcast webinars, you can repurpose the audio recordings as podcast episodes.

  • Stitch together short audio clips to create podcasts - The Daily Stoic podcast often features ripped and repurposed audio. You can use Anchor.fm for such repurposing use cases.

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Tool: Piktochart

PiktoChart is widely hailed as the default chart maker for marketers, content creators, and graduate students. It is a beginner-friendly chart-building tool that can help one illustrate their point. And if you have made interesting points with your existing content, you can repurpose them in the form of infographics by using PiktoChart.

Who Is It For?

PiktoChart is for anyone with a social media presence and interesting insights worth sharing. Finance content creators, tech influencers, and data-driven thought leaders can all benefit from PiktoChart's infographic creation capabilities. If your content isn't built on stats and data, then PiktoChart isn't for you.

What Does It Cost?

PiktoChart has a free plan that allows you to try the service and see how well it fits your content repurposing needs. If you like the platform and want to produce more than five assets, then you can sign up for its $29/month plan.

If the price is too steep, you can pay for an annual membership, which comes down to $14/month ($168).

To make sure the subscription is worth the money, try Canva Pro as well because both services have overlapping features.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Repurpose research findings - If you conduct research for your video audio or written content, you can use PiktoChart to create infographics from your notes.

  • Make visual assets out of your video transcripts - Even if you deliver extempore monologues, you can repurpose your videos with PiktoChart. Transcribing your videos with ContentFries, you can extract key facts to feed to PiktoChart.

  • Make carousel posts for LinkedIn - If you're active on LinkedIn, you know that the platform's users love infographics. So, why not turn your standard text posts into visually appealing charts with PiktoChart?

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Tool: Otter.ai

Otter.ai has one of the most accurate speech-to-text transcription engines. It is used by creatives, executives, and secretaries for jotting down ideas and taking minutes. Recently, creators have started using Otter.ai to repurpose their videos and audio files into text.

Who Is It For?

Otter.ai is primarily for note-takers and speakers. But its repurposing capabilities are more relevant to coaches, comedians, podcasters, and professional columnists. Models, fashion influencers, and dancers won't find much use for this tool.

What Does It Cost?

Otter.ai has a free plan that works for most live streamers with small content output. But if you want transcripts of prerecorded audio instead of live conversation, you can subscribe to Otter.ai's pro plan, which costs $10/month.

With the pro plan, you can get 1200 minutes of transcription and import 10 audio or video files per month. To import and transcribe unlimited files (up to 6000 minutes), you can get the $20/month business plan.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Convert meeting minutes to blog posts - The text transcript of your meeting can be used as a blog post draft.

  • Turn your webinar into an ebook - Webinars are structured and contain valuable information, which can be used to create an ebook. Thanks to Otter AI, you don’t need to manually transcribe your webinars

  • Create a newsletter from a group discussion - Group discussions can offer multiple perspectives and angles that are perfect for a long-form newsletter.

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Tool: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is responsible for ushering in the era of generative AI. People have quite publicly used it to write books, songs, and even video scripts. However, many creators find the chatbot lacking in niche-specific expertise. Fortunately, it does not need niche understanding to repurpose your pre-existing content.

Who Is It For?

ChatGPT is a broad-use platform that anyone can find use cases for. But when it comes to repurposing, it is most useful to content marketers and creators who use spoken word. The latter include commentators, reviewers, and advice content creators. ChatGPT isn't ideal for dancers and models, nor is it very useful for graphic designers and visual artists.

What Does It Cost?

ChatGPT is free for all users, but the advanced GPT model is behind a paywall. You need to pay $20/month to get ChatGPT Plus features like an updated knowledge base and even visual output.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create blog posts from video transcripts - Video transcripts can be plugged into ChatGPT for analysis and rewriting.

  • Create video script outlines from text posts - You can use old blog posts and articles to generate outlines for your new videos.

  • Convert blog copy to newsletter - Since ChatGPT can rewrite content with relative reliability, you can use it to turn your blog posts into reader-friendly email text.

  • Create tweets from long-form blog posts - ChatGPT can generate a dozen tweets using information found in your blog posts.

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Tool: InShot

InShot is a video editing app that many creators use to create short clips. The app can be used to edit new videos, add background music, and trim clips. If you want to create shorter clips from long videos on your phone, then InShot should be your go-to repurposing tool.

Who Is It For?

InShot is for content creators who do not plan to create and schedule content in advance. Spontaneous creators who want to edit and post 100% mobile content find this tool useful. The app can be used by comedians, commentary content creators, and coaches. It is one of the few repurposing apps that are useful to dancers, fashion influencers, and other visual content creators alongside educators and spoken-word creators.

What Does It Cost?

InShot Basic is free with an ad-view model. But if you want to use the app's advanced features and avoid mandatory ad viewing, you can get InShot Pro for $3.99/ month or $14.99/year.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create short clips from long videos - InShot's trim functionality is ideal for creating Shorts, TikTok clips, and Reels.

  • Create long videos from shorter clips - InShot's stich function is perfect for creating clip compilations.

  • Add commentary to existing content - You can use the app's audio narration or video insertion functions to create fresh commentary content using pre-existing videos.

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Tool: Essay.app

Essay.app is a tool designed by psychologist Jordan Peterson. It is meant to help students think through their points and argue them more persuasively. Despite being an academic tool, Essay.app has surprising content repurposing benefits.

Who Is It For?

Professional speakers, video essay producers, and thought leaders can use Essay.app to make their content more engaging and insightful. That said, the primary target market of this platform is anyone in academia.

What Does It Cost?

Essay.app is free to try for 14 days. After that, you can expect to pay $6/month. The annual plan costs $48, while the lifetime access comes with a $249 price tag.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create video essay scripts from tweets - Essay.app lets you arrive at a well-structured essay with relative spontaneity. By using it as a video script, you can create video essays.

  • Make books out of newsletters and blog posts - Because the platform lets you think through your material and expand upon ideas, you can use it to create entire books and ebooks.

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Tool: ContentDrips

ContentDrips is a powerful tool for creating visual assets. It can generate 50+ image posts from one blog post. The platform can help you scale your content volume for LinkedIn and Instagram, among other visual social media platforms.

Who Is It For?

While anyone with an Instagram account can make use of ContentDrips, LinkedIn creators and career-related content creators can get the most out of it. The visual assets it generates are more likely to go viral in career and work-life communities.

What Does It Cost?

ContentDrips' starting price is $0. If you want more than 5 downloads, then you have to get the $9/month plan. A $17/month plan comes with even more features.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create carousel posts from your blog content - Add highlightable text from existing blog copy to the ContentDrips input and get great visual posts to put in a carousel.

  • Turn your tweets into instagrammable posts - Reach a broader audience by making image posts featuring text from your tweets.

  • Make quote cards based on existing dialogue - Some sayings are worth saying twice. Quote cards can be shared on different social media platforms even if they don't support text-only posts.

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Tool: SlideShare

SlideShare is often used by students to broadcast finished decks. The platform is part presentation tool and part presentation-building tool. You don't necessarily need to create presentations from scratch, though. You can repurpose existing material to create fresh decks with SlideShare.

Who Is It For?

Slideshare is for students, startup owners, B2B marketers, and professional speakers. But anyone looking to make a deck or share a presentation can use it. More specifically, for repurposing, infotainment content creators and thought leaders stand to benefit the most from SlideShare.

What Does It Cost?

SlideShare is free to use, and you will not need to pay in order to create decks on the platform.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Make presentations from meeting minutes - Meeting minutes can be transcribed with Otter.ai and then plugged into SlideShare.

  • Make presentations out of old articles - Old article text, with some editing, can be used to make fresh decks.

  • Convert video transcript to slideshow - Video content can be transcribed with ContentFries and then added to SlideShare.

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Tool: Issuu

Issuu turns documents into flipbooks with a luxe navigating experience. While the platform is mainly used for publishing e-magazine, it can also be used to create magazines out of existing text and image content.

Who Is It For?

You can use Issu if you create a lot of text content. Poets, writers, journalists, and thought leaders can all elevate their readers' online experience by creating Issu flipbooks. Even if you don't use text very often in your content, you can convert audio to text with apps like Otter.ai or ContentFries and then use Issuu to make your own magazine.

What Does It Cost?

Issuu has a free plan alongside a $19/month plan and a $40/month one.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create a flipbook from old articles - You might need to edit the content for recency.

  • Use video scripts to make a magazine - You can use ChatGPT to rewrite the script text for a magazine audience.

  • Create a flipbook from newsletters - Newsletters can be lightly rewritten to be turned into a flipbook. However, they must be thematically connected.

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Tool: Recontent.ai

Recontnt.ai is an AI-powered content repurposing tool. It deals specifically in text-based content, like newsletter copy and blog posts. As a platform designed specifically to turn existing content into multiple publish-ready pieces, it is ideal for busy creators.

Who Is It For?

Coaches and thought leaders can get the most out of this repurposing tool. After all, it is text-centric. Other text-format content creators who can use Recontent.ai include authors, journalists, and columnists. The tool isn't optimal for singers, poets, and visual artists.

What Does It Cost?

ReContent.ai offers $15/month and $30/month subscriptions.

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create tweets from existing blog posts - ReContent is wired to extract and repurpose valuable bits from existing text content.

  • Create LinkedIn posts from newsletter content - If you send out an email blast, you can reshare wisdom from it with your LinkedIn audience.

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Tool: ChopCast

ChopCast, as the name suggests, is a tool to chop up content. But it is more than a content trimmer. It is an AI-powered content trimmer that pinpoints engaging moments in your webinars and podcasts and clips them for short-form publication.

Who Is It For?

Podcasters can use ChopCast to create viral-ready short clips from long episodes. Anyone who delivers webinars and keynotes can also find this tool super useful. That said, you don't have to be a lecturer, speaker, or podcaster to take advantage of ChopCast. As long as you speak on camera, you can use this tool.

What Does It Cost?

With annual payments, you can use ChopCast for $12/month (90 minutes output), $19/month (180 minutes), and $31/month (360 minutes).

How Can It Be Used For Repurposing?

  • Create YouTube shorts from your podcast episodes - This is the primary use case of ChopCast.

  • Generate reels from your webinars - Repurpose the most valuable bits from your webinar and talks.

  • Create commentary-ready clips from existing content - You can chop up highlight-worthy moments with ChopCast and add your commentary to them with InShot.

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Final Thoughts

Most creators are aware of the ever-increasing demand for content. There are so many apps and content formats to keep track of. That's why content repurposing is emerging as a way of satisfying quantity demands while keeping up content quality. If you want to focus your energy on quality, then you, too, can use the tools covered above to generate a large volume of content from your existing library. And if you want to try content repurposing for free, you can sign up for a risk-free free account of ContentFries and get 30+ snackable content pieces from one video.