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The Ultimate Automatic Caption Generator: Three Steps to Add Captions Effortlessly Learn more

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Add a customizable progress bar to videos to keep your viewers engaged and hooked to the end. Learn more

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Upload custom fonts and apply them in your videos. Learn more

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Repurpose your video content strategically and fast just by drag and drop on the audio timeline. Learn more

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Multiply your video content and add an intro and / or an outro to your pieces of content. ContentFries will automatically resize them to match the aspect ratio of generated content. Learn more

Fast Video Trimmer

ContentFries Trimmer can get you video content for social media faster than ever before. Just select areas with drag and drop, cut out what you don't want to have in your videos, and more. Learn more

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Get multiple variants of the same video - landscape, square, vertical, or any other aspect ratio you want. Choose from predefined contexts to create ideal videos for different platforms, or use your own.

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